welcome to my website. If you are interested in booking a tattoo appointment, feel free to browse around before filling out the form. Make your to read the ‘faqs’ page. there is a lot of information on there regarding to pricing, booking, what to expect on your appointment day, etc.

when you are ready to book, fill out the form that’s on the ‘request to book’ tab. once the form has been SUBMITTED, give it about 1-3 days for a response, 7 days if i am out of the country. My assistant will get back to you with the soonest available date for your appointment.

I am Located at the ink gallery in Livermore, Ca. my dream is to travel the world and BUILD my talent in the tattoo industry. Make sure to check out the ‘tour dates’ page to see where I will be next.

i SPECIALIZE in color or black and grey realism only. i will not continue other artists work. as for cover-ups, only the ones i feel confident about will be accepted.

If you have any questions click on the ‘FAQs’ tab and i might have answered your question on there.

if you have any further questions feel free to email me at


Request to book

Make sure to click and read the ‘FAQs’ page before filling out the form. When you are ready fill out the form COMPLETELY. Please allow up to 3 days for a response.

  1. Send “Request to book” form completed.

  2. You will receive an email or text back with the next available dates for your tattoo appointment.

  3. Please reply back right away confirming the date.

  4. You will receive an email/text back with the link to the venmo in which you will be making the deposit to reserve your spot (deposit must be sent within a 2 hour period to keep your appointment).

  5. Deposits are non-refundable.

  6. Please make sure to bring cash the day of your appointment, as we do not accept card or Venmo as payment.

All emails will be responded in the order received. Keep in mind the next available appointment can be up to 2 months out.

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Please be aware that I do not continue other artists work. If you are selecting "I need to finish my tattoo" it is because the original work was done by me (Silver). As for cover-ups, I will only take the cover-ups I feel confident about.
If you are planning on working on a big project I would suggest booking a FULL DAY.
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*Prices may vary, if you have questions on what you should book, please scroll down or click on the 'FAQs' page for more info. Please keep in mind that if your tattoo requires a full day to finish, booking a half day or 3 hours does not mean you will get your tattoo finished in less time. If you book less time then needed you will have to come back for another session to get it finished.
If you reside outside the USA please choose email. otherwise feel free to choose phone.
In order to process your request, you must agree to the following: *
Deposits are non-refundable. Bring cash to your appointment, as we do not accept card or Venmo as payment. If rescheduling you must notify the artist through text 24 hours prior your tattoo appointment. You are allowed to reschedule ONE TIME. There is no rescheduling for any appointments made outside the Ink Gallery, you will automatically loose your deposit if you do not show up. No free touch ups on necks, hands, elbows, knees or foot. If you think you might need a touch up (to qualify for a free touch up), you need to let the artist know within the first 3 months starting from when you got your tattoo. If working on a tattoo that will take more than one session, the deposit will be credited on the last session. I have read and completely understood the FAQs

The ink gallery

1515 North Vasco Road
Livermore, CA, 94551
United States


How do I know how many hours to book?

Full Day - is a full 8 hour day, 2 hours for drawing and stenciling and 6 hours of tattooing. Typically you can get a quarter sleeve done in a full day (this varies depending on the size of the area).

Half day - is 4 hours of tattooing. The size of the tattoo varies depending on the amount of detail. You can get for example 2 flowers done (black and grey) or 1 flower (color) with a little background.

Portraits- black and grey portraits are $500-$800. Color portraits are &600-$1000. Exact price is not given until I have seen the exact size and location of the tattoo in person. The reason being is that I can not tell how big, let’s say, your arm is through pictures. Exact price is depending on size, amount of detail, and location.

1-3 hours - you would book 1-2 hours if you are getting something simple. For example: a name, footprints, a quote, little designs, symbols, etc. Examples of 3 hours are a rose, pocket watch, dove, etc. Exact price will be given on the reply once the completed form in the ‘Request to book’ has been sent.

What are some examples of a full day, half day, 1-3 hours?


Full Day Color and Black & Grey


2 Full Days


1-3 hrs to Half Day Color or Black & Grey

How much is it for a sleeve?

I can’t tell you exactly how much is it going to be for a sleeve. From experience, full sleeves usually take anywhere from 4-6 full days, depending of the size of your arm/leg and if you are getting black and grey or color. Full backs can take 4-6 full days as well.

What takes longer? Black and grey or color?

COLOR definitely takes longer! For one, color is a lot messier than black and grey. With color you have to pack every single color in, unlike black and grey. What might take to finish a 4 hour tattoo in black and grey, might take 6 hours in color.

Do I get to see a sketch before my appointment?

No. I do not make any sketches prior the appointment for the simple reason that people tend to change their minds a lot. Also, it’s really hard to sketch something out and know exactly what the customer wants through text. I rather do the sketch in person. If you really want to see something prior your tattoo appointment, I would gladly have you come in before hand and sketch something out for you in person if the time permits. The only exceptions for a sketch being done before the appointment would be if your appointment is at a tattoo show/expo. Other than that the sketch is made the day of your appointment. Putting something together usually takes about an hour to hour and a half if the customer does not change it up a lot.


What’s included in a Full Day?

  • A full day is a total of 8 hours, 2 hours of drawing and stenciling and 6 hours of tattooing.

  • If you already have some type of outline tattooed and no drawing or stenciling is needed, then it would be 6-8 hours of tattooing.

  • A saniderm bandage is also included, that will have to be replaced the next day at no extra cost and left on for 7 days for better healing.

  • Free touch up within the first 3 months from the day of your tattoo appointment.

  • You save $600 ($125/hr instead of $200/hr) for COLOR

  • You save $200 ($125/hr instead of $150/hr) for BLACK AND GREY

Is it better to book smaller sessions or bigger sessions?

That depends on the tattoo that you are getting. If you are working on a quarter sleeve or bigger, you are better off booking a Full Day. The smaller the session the more money you end up spending in the long run. The reason being is that for every new session a whole new set up is needed. This means I’m having to use the same amount of supplies every time you come in and nothing is re-usable, therefore I have to make sure that gets covered in the cost.

I charge $200 per hour (COLOR) & $150 per hour (BLACK & GREY), but I give people a deal if they book a half or full day.

If you book a half day you save $200 (at $150/hr instead of $200/hr). COLOR

If you book a full day you save $600 (at $125/hr instead of $200/hr). COLOR

If you book a full day you save $200 (at $125/hr instead of $150/hr). BLACK & GREY


Do you accept walk ins?

No. I am by appointment only.

Are kids allowed at the shop?

Yes kids are welcome as long as they stay in the front lobby area. They are not allowed in the booth where the tattoo procedure is performed.

How long until I can go swimming?

You have to wait until your tattoo is completely healed before going swimming or going in a hot tub. The healing process can be different with everyone. Some people heal faster than others. Once the tattoo has completely pealed give it about another week or so for the skin to restore. It generally takes about 2 weeks to a month for full healing.

How long until I can be in the sun?

  • You have to make sure you do not have direct sunlight while your tattoo is healing. You cannot wear sunscreen during the healing process so I would advise to cover it with some type of clothing.

  • Make sure you DO NOT have a sunburn or recent tan when you come in for your appointment. If I am not able to tattoo you when you come in to your appointment due to a sunburn, you will automatically lose your deposit.

  • Even after the tattoo is healed you have to keep taking care of it. This means wear lots of sunscreen while you are out in the sun. The way you take care of it will determine how your tattoo will look 10 years from now.

What to expect on my appointment day?

ON your appointment day:

  1. As soon as you walk in we will confirm the design you want and exact placement. This is the perfect time to tell me anything you would want added or changed.

  2. I will then draw the design. This should take me about 5-10 mins if you booked 1-3 hours; 30 mins if you booked a half day; and 40-60 mins if you booked a full day.

  3. The design will be printed out and shown to you. If no changes are made, I will then size it to the appropriate size.

  4. Once sizing has been confirmed, I will have to draw the stencil next. If you booked a full day this would be a perfect time to go grab something to eat as it takes me about an hour to make the stencil. If you booked 1-3 hours or a half day you have enough time to go grab a snack and come right back (there is a 7-eleven walking distance).

  5. Once the stencil is done, I will have you come on in to my booth where everything is going to be set up and ready to go. I will transfer the stencil onto your skin. We have to wait 5-20 mins for the stencil to dry.

  6. Then we start tattooing!

  7. If you booked a full day we do take small breaks to eat. I would suggest bringing food (we do have a fridge and a microwave). I would also suggest taking a 10-30 min eating breaks. If you take anything longer, keep in mind your skin starts to heal and it might be a little more painful when we start tattooing again. If you booked anything less then a full day, you get bathroom/snacks breaks (quick 5 min breaks).

  8. Once finished I will take a few pics, your tattoo will be cleaned and a bandage will be put on.